Are you looking for a special service of welcoming your child into the church? Or maybe as an adult you're wanting to make your own commitment to Christ? All enquires are welcome.

If you are interested in having your child baptised (christened) but they are not already regular members of our church, the first step is to join us with your child one Sunday morning at our 10am service, and then one of our vicars will be happy to speak to you afterwards.

We are only able to offer afternoon (2:30pm) Christening services on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month, and you may have to share the service with another family. Christenings can happen in any of our 10am morning services providing you have attended other 10am services regularly in the run up.

We have brand new creche facilities available throughout the service, children's activities every week, and noise from little ones doesn't bother us at all. We are committed to ensuring our children and families feel welcome in our church, and if we are to baptise a child into our fellowship, we want you and them to experience what that means.


For more info please contact Rev Zoe on 02476 265949 , use the form on our 'Contact Us' page , or just join us one Sunday morning: 10am every week.


St. Alban's is a lovely location for a wedding. We'd be pleased to help fix a date that's suitable for you and to discuss arrangements. The Wedding "Banns" (your intention to marry) need to read out in church on 3 consecutive Sundays within 3 months of the wedding taking place.

To be married here, you need to be living in the parish, be coming along on a regular basis or have some connection with the church (such as having been baptised here or parents married here). 

An organist could be arranged to play at your service, or we can use recorded music of your choice. We can suggest Bible readings, Hymns and songs and prayers to include in the service.

Please contact Rev Zoe on 02476 265949 or